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Consultation & Strategic Planning

CSM offers a free 20 minute consultation. From there our consultant will review your entire online presence in-depth prior to providing you with a detailed social media strategic plan.



Content Creation

Our team of Writers, Designers, Photographers and Filmmakers (including Animators) create professional content to suit your venture’s unique requirements.



Social Media Management

We can create and / or manage all of your social media pages from the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to lesser known forums such as Community Engine.



SEO, Analytics & Monitoring Community Engagement

Community engagement is key to inbound marketing! CSM has a talented SEO specialist on the team who can steer your online presence directly towards your target market.



Social Media Training Programs

CSM consultants provide management teams with social media training sessions. Our training programs are tailored to suit unique business requirements.



Direct Mail & Crowd Funding Campaigns

Want to keep your customers up to date directly? Unable to secure a Government grant? The CSM team provides MailChimp e-newsletters and Crowd Funding services to assist you with raising awareness and vital funds for your enterprise.



“Social Media Strategies are our specialty;

e-Marketing for Ethical Enterprise is our gift to the next generation!”